GNW Cross Country Running camp June 23-28, 2019

give your athlete the total package

this is seriously fun.

The first camp to combine high quality sports training with an outdoor recreation experience. We don't leave out the best parts of sports and camping. Get the best of both worlds for some Serious Fun.

our philosophy

outdoor camp adventures

Get beyond grueling workouts. Get the complete camp experience. We'll provide amazing adventures in rafting, canoeing, and camp fires - taking advantage of the pristine outdoor surroundings at Sisters, Oregon. Don't let your athlete miss out on the great outdoors at camp.

professional sports camp training
You want the best and we have it. The most effective and efficient sports camp training offered in Oregon. We connect your athlete to top-notch coaches and professionals who will train and teach, focusing on what's healthy and what's effective.
Don't miss out on the best sports camps and the full outdoor adventure experience - all at the feet of three sisters

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