Your athlete will meet and train with some of the best coaches in the Northwest. With training tailored to your athlete's ability level, there's something exhilarating for everyone at 3,000 feet. 
Professional Camping

With an experienced Camp Director at the helm, your student athlete is in good hands. Extensive training of staff and supervisors means we're raising the bar on sports camps.

Outdoor Adventures

Get involved in excursions that take advantage of the great outdoors at our doorstep. Rafting, canoeing, hiking, and campfires will offer adventure, relaxation, and camaraderie you won't find at other camps.

Lessons from Professionals
At each camp, your camper athlete will meet in small group seminars to learn valuable lessons with topics such as: nutrition, physiology, recovery, and more.
features of our camp
Two-in-one, without sacrificing quality. It's easy to find a sports camp. It's easy to find a traditional outdoors camp. But can you find a camp that offers both experiences at the highest levels? Great Northwest Sports Camps provides just that - a camp that gives your student athlete the chance to thrive in both experiences at an unbelievable locale - at the foot of the Three Sisters mountains.

Your athlete doesn't have to miss out on that classic camping experience. Let your camper get the most complete experience available. Get involved with Great Northwest Camps today!
  • Top Notch Coaching
  • Lessons from Professionals
  • Exciting Outdoor Excursions
  • Professional Camping Supervision
  • Train in the Beautiful Sisters Backdrop
  • Memories Professionally Captured by Outlaws Photography​