Q: What are the sleeping arrangements for the athlete?
A: The athlete will sleep at Sisters High School where the athletes have access to showers, dining and activities.
Q: What should my athlete bring to camp? A: See our packing list here.

Q: What skill/ability level must the athlete possess?
A: GNW Sports Camps strives to push athletes to their personal best. Our coaches and trainers will tailor each lesson to incorporate all ability levels while ensuring that each individual is challenged. However, some basic knowledge is necessary to participate in our camps – at least one season’s experience in their sport is recommended for each athlete. If your athlete has less experience and they’d like to participate, please call the Camp Director to discuss – 541.549.2091.
Q: Who will supervise the athletes? A: During the day, athletes will be led through training sessions by our experienced head coaches assisted by camp counselors. At night athletes will be supervised by counselors and camp admin staff.
Each counselor and coach must pass a criminal background check   Q: How are your counselors and coaches trained to supervise children? A: Our coaches are current or former teachers or professional coaches and have extensive training and experience working with children and teaching them about their sport.
Q: What about medical staff?
A: Our coaches have basic first aid training. For any emergency situations, we will utilize emergency medical services in Sisters, Oregon or Bend, Oregon, depending on the need.
Q: What about allergies or other medical conditions?
A: If the athlete’s allergy can be managed with an epi-pen, please provide that epi-pen when you submit all medicine and other medical necessities at the beginning of the week. Our staff will be trained on how and when to use it. If your athlete’s allergy or medical condition is more severe, please contact the Camp Director directly before registering – 541.549.2091.

Q: What if my athlete has special needs? A: GNW Sports Camps will make every possible accommodation for athletes of all ability levels and special needs. If your athlete will require special attention or assistance during activities, please call the Camp Director directly to discuss an individualized plan that will work for them – 541.549.2091.  
Q: What about food and eating? A: Athletes will receive three meals and two snacks per day. Breakfast will be continental style featuring cereal, toast, waffles, bagels, and fresh fruit. Lunch will mainly be build your own sandwich, with the occasional BBQ thrown in. Dinners are specifically catered to provide optimal nutrition and performance to endurance athletes, while still providing the taste of home cooking. Trail snacks will be granola bars and fruit. Water and Gatorade will be available throughout the day but athletes will need their own water bottle. Q: What if my athlete has food allergies/restrictions? A: Please indicate any allergies or restrictions in the appropriate question when you register. GNW Sports Camps will work to make every possible accommodation. If the athlete has severe or life-threatening food limitations, please contact the Camp Director directly – 541-549.2091.

Q: Who do I contact in case of emergency?
A: Contact the SPRD main office at (541)-549-2091, the receptionist will best know how to reach the camp team at that time. The office is open between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.   Q: Can I call/email/mail/message my child? A: You can mail but the other methods of communication should be reserved between camp staff and yourself. Please refer to our Parent Information Sheet here.  
Q: When do I drop off/pick up my child? A: See our Parent Information Sheet here.

Q: Are iPods/cell phones/laptops/electronics permitted?
A: Please do not bring these items. If the athlete brings these items, it will be at their own risk and it will be confiscated and returned at the end of the week. In case an athlete needs to contact their parents in an emergency, counselors and other supervisors will have access to a cell phone. If parents need to contact their athlete, they should first contact a member of the camp staff by using the emergency contact information. See more information in our Parent Packet here.  
Q: What about jewelry, watches, or other valuables?
A: These items are not necessary in our environment. If the athlete brings an item of this nature, it is once again at their own risk. SPRD and GNW Sports Camps are not responsible for any personal belongings.