Packing List

Your Athlete MUST Bring the Following Items:

2 Water bottles or camel back

Tooth brush, tooth paste

Clean clothes for the week, including multiple sets of running clothes.

Running Shoes

Soap, shampoo, Towel

Sleeping bag (even on hot days, nights in central Oregon can get cold. We recommend a 3 season sleeping bag)

Warm Sleeping clothes (sweats work well)

Bed roll/air mattress and a pillow.

Headlamp for night running


We Highly Recommend That Your Athlete Brings:

Sandals for shower

Bathing suit (for water sports)

Clothing suitable for rainy weather

Additional clothing/shoes in case of wet or muddy weather


Your Athlete May Consider Bringing:

Letter-writing materials (to write home)

Cards or other non-electronic recreation

Ear plugs, night mask for easier sleeping


Please Do NOT Allow Your Athlete to Bring:

Any electronics (iPod/iPad/laptop/cell phone)

Food or snacks of any kind (except when special dietary requirements exist)

Large amounts of cash

Curling iron or hair straightener

Lighters, matches, or any other fire starters

Knives of any type

Weapons of any kind (guns, tazers, pepper spray, knuckles)

Tobacco, including vaporizers, Marijuana or illegal drugs of any kind.